Told my boyfriend to remove his ex's picture?

I told him to remove it and he's like, I forgot about it and I said I don't care, remove it. He's like why? It was when we weren't talking! I said it doesn't matter, if you're in a relationship with me... it needs to go! 
He's like, she's the perfect example of a loving girlfriend! (EX fiancé) she was devoted and a perfect example of what true love is like! She quit her job, took beatings from her dad to see me... she saw me for me.
 And I'm like, hello? What about me? I've done everything for you and you don't appreciate me! He's like I do appreciate you but it's the things you do that make me go back on how I feel for you. For example, I went to a get together right after he had surgery, drank and enjoyed myself just as he said to when I told him I was invited. I was like what does that even have to do with you?! 
Then he's like, give me an example of what you've done that's oh so loving? 
Noted: we were both drinking, I was buzzed..: he was downright drunk!
So I was a loss for words cause I was shocked that he'd even say that.
He's like, that's right. You've got nothing to say cause there is nothing
I do take care of him, I baby him like his mother, I apply for jobs and school for him, I show him affection, I put him before anyone and I'm starting to realize that's my mistake.
I countered that he doesn't do shit for me and he's like, why would I be devoted to someone one who doesn't know how to treat their boyfriend! 
I have never cried so much in my life. I got up and walked away and he's telling my name. I gave a few minutes breather and came back. He's like baby, why are you so upset and I'm like you know why! He's like no, I don't babe please tell me!
I cried in his arms and refused to talk. I was told drunken words speak a sober mind and I've been distant since. I can't look at him. I can't say I love you. I don't know why he would compare me to his ex fiancé and I'm devastated.