Anxious SAHM not ready to go back to work!

I honestly need to vent or I'm going to blow. I had my daughter in April of last year and have been home with her ever since. I used to work as a hairdresser, which I like but I'm not extremely passionate about. Since my daughter my husband has been supporting all of us. He has never made me feel like I HAVE to go back to work but it would be "nice to have the extra income." So my old manager reached out and asked if I had any interest in coming back. I said yes before really thinking about it, but I kept telling myself I was doing something good. My husband would be home to watch my daughter and it would be 2 days a week. The salon is not open yet, as we are still in the Yellow phase, but we could be going green by June 21st. I'm not ready to go back that soon and I'm FREAKING out. I talked to my therapist and he helped in some aspects, but I still know deep down I don't want to go back. I don't want to disappoint my husband, or anyone, but I can't get out of my feelings 😭