Him being selfish or me being crazy?


So whenever Covid first hit back in March I got laid off and was home all the time. My boyfriend still had his job and went to work almost every day. Because I didnt have much going on in my life I never really had much to talk about which was fine we went through a little bit of a boring phase. Well I recently got a job about a month ago. Everyday when we both get home I make it a point to ask how his day was or how was work even though his answer is always the same and I know what hes going to say I still ask. He NEVER asks me about my day or how work was or anything about me. Lately I feel like hes been so selfish and only does things for himself. I've asked him to go do several things with me lately. Things that need to get done that I'd just like some company along the way and even that is too much and he flat out tells me no. Like I asked him to take our cat to the vet with me when all he to do was sit in the car with me and wait. Didnt even have to go in or anything and he didnt go with me either of the 2 times. I had a doctors appointment for my vocal cords that I was really honestly scared about that he said he would go with me and he didnt. I literally was crying in the doctors office because I was so scared of the procedure they were going to do.

It seems like all he does lately is play his video game, watch his show, sleep all day, or work. He doesnt even offer to find a show to watch together or anything. We do NOTHING together anymore and he keeps making these comments that just totally come off as assholish and hurt my feelings and he doesnt even notice or care how hes making me feel.

I literally feel so alone in our relationship and I'm getting frustrated because I feel like I cant talk to him about any of it. Last night I got so frustrated I went and slept on the couch and he didnt even ask me why or wondering what I was doing on the couch and not in bed with him.

I wake up this morning and get things done and left the house to get my prescription and then got ready for work all the while he was sleeping. I was about to leave for work at 12:30 when some lady knocked on my door asking for my bf. I had no idea who she was or anything so itting her totally confused. She said she was supposed to get a title from him. I was like what? What title? So I went and woke him up saying there was someone at the door asking for a title. He just started getting up and didnt say anything to me so I asked again a title for what? And he snaps at me "a title for a truck I sold a while ago ok!" And with that I grabbed my stuff and left the house. Am I overreacting about everything? Because I literally feel like I'm going crazy.