Should I walk away.....

My bf and I are transitioning from an open to a close relationship. He’s asked me to stop seeing other ppl but he still has been for the last month. When I told him that he and I should should take a break from each other (to give him time to end his other relationships) this was his response:

Good afternoon. Hope your day has been awesome. But lastnight you said that you think that we need some time apart. I told you I didn’t have the energy to deal with that nor did I want it to spiral into an argument or anything like that.

But I well say I am not interested in that. And I understand that it’s not just up to me but is not seeing eachother is not just up to you either.

I’m sure you been having your feelings and emotions surrounding us. But I think this is a step in the wrong direction if you ever truly see us being able to get and be on the same page.

This is me saying no I do not want us to stop seeing eachother because I don’t see away for us to reconnect after we do so. And most importantly I don’t want to.

If you feel that’s the best thing for you to do I can’t do anything but respect it.

But again it’s not something I’m wanting to do.

Hope you continue to having a good day like the one you had yesterday.

Should I risk possibly losing him for good or stick it out?? Sidenote: he sent this text during a weekend get away with some other woman.😤😕💔