should i stay or go pls help me

should i stay or should i go

This guy and i have been talking for about 2 years now. when we first started talking we loved hanging out together but i always wanted more than he did. he’s a more go with the flow type of guy and me, i know what i want. i’m 21 and he’s 22.. i know a lot of you may say “you’re too young” and that is true but when i love somebody and the connection is there i can see myself with them for a very long time. anyways sorry for the side track but last year while he was at college, in his own words “lost sight” of how our relationship was and didn’t want to be anything serious with me until he came back home. that may be slightly my fault because i never wanna be the clingy gf so i kinda let him be in college and maybe that made him think i don’t care as much. fast forward to now, he’s going back to school tomorrow and he’s made it clear to me that he can’t see himself in a relationship until he has a stable job and doesn’t want anything serious with anyone right now. while at the same time, i’m always the first person he tells everyone to, says he loves me, spends $ on me, and ditches his friends almost everyday just to hang out with me. i don’t know what to think or do because i love everything we do together , we have a strong connection, but at the same time i don’t like that we’re not on the same page with us being together through his last year of college. also i asked him when he goes back if he’s gonna hook up with another girl and he told me that he’s not seeking it but “if it happens, it happens” but that he would always want to be with me in the end because he loves me. he also talks to me ab the future like what kind of house we would want, where, and where we wanna travel .. what the fuck do i do and why does this have to be so complicated? it hurts really bad to wonder about this but i cry a lot over this and idk what to do. i really love this guy and it seems like he loves me but my biggest fear is wasting my time and getting my gears broken.