To make babies or to not make babies🤔


I feel so weird posting on here, but I feel like I will get some unbiased opinions this way! 😅

I am 23 years old, almost 24, and my husband and I just got married on the 1st.

We’ve been together for 8 years and have talked about having kids of course but we always said “let’s just wait until after we’re married” Well now we’re married and my husband is already ready for a baby. 😂 I can’t say I’m not ready, because I definitely am but I’m torn between do I want to wait a little bit and enjoy “married life”, even though it’s not that different from our previous life, or just jump into trying for a baby! I know a few people that have gotten married and had a baby all within their first year of marriage but some say it was the best decision they’ve made and others have said wait. 🙃

I know I should just do what fits our relationship and I shouldn’t compare us to others. But I’ve always been so excited to start a family and now I’m getting cold feet and I don’t know why!

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you for your time! 🥰