What Should I Think About This Conversation With My Ex

So Matt my ex husband you all know as the one who bought be 500 potatoes because he thought it would cure my COVID and he bought me some cheesecake factory and left it on my door step. Well we had a phone conversation last night. He was telling me how the kids were doing. Here's kinda how it went

Him: How are you feeling

Me: Shitty but better. Thanks for caring so much through this

Him: It's fine... Can I ask you something?


Him: Why did we ever get a divorce

Me: Because we were too dumb kids who had no business getting married. We weren't financially stable. We lived in a fairy tail.

Him: Do you think we've grown since then as people

Me: Definitely

Him: I kinda took you for granted. I was an idiot

Me: And I was a huge bitch

Him:I don't think you're a bitch

Me: I don't think you're an idiot.

Him: Thanks Rachel

Me: Don't worry about it

Both: *silence*

Him: Well feel better. I'll bring you something else to eat tomorrow

Me: Stoooop you don't have to do that

Him: Already am byeee

Then he hangs up.... IDK what to think about this conversation. What do you guys think.