Am I just going crazy??

Megan • 25, Married to the love of my love! PJS 6/2/15 - CAS 10/20/16 ❤️Angel babies - EP 1/3/14 / MC 4/11

Hey ladies! I'm currently 9DPO and I need someone besides my DH to convince me I haven't gone crazy..

I had horrible ovulation pains on the 19th so of course we BD all the days before that and afterwards. Sometime several times a day. With preseed. 

Since 2 DPO I've had symptoms!  How is this possible...?? Here's some of the symptoms I've had the past week.

- Extremely sore breasts, with shooting pains on the sides, underneath and near my armpit.

- Breasts are full and spilling out of my bra! 

- Little big of Nausea in the mornings 

- Very fatigue. Some days more than others... 

- Starting @ 5-6DPO I had this dull achy feeling on my left side (wasn't sure if it's because that's the only tube/ovary I have due to an ectopic) 

- Dull achy feeling has since moved to my uterus. It feels full and bloated.

- Twinges/Flutters where my ovary is. 

- Lower back pain 

- & as of this morning I had a small spot of what looked like bloody discharge on my panties when I woke up. However, none on tissues when I wipe.

Tested last night @ 8DPO, BFN :( I know, way too early..

 I'm beginning to think I'm going crazy. Any advice ladies?