Arguememt with husband while holding baby


First time mom and had an argument with husband while husband was holding child on chest ... baby had been crying throughout the night between 1am and 4am and we were both frustrated we went to the living room to feed her . I got the baby bottle ready and we were both already pissed off cause he had been sleeping and I had been up since 1 am with the baby . He held the child on his chest and he tried to snatch the baby bottle from my hand. We had a bit of an altercation that lasted like 10 seconds cause I was trying to feed her and he wanted to feed her since I was already mad for him not helping me ... Concerned if baby was shaken to much. Since she was on his chest “sleeping” while we were kind of fighting for the bottle . I’m such a worry wart when it comes to SIDS or shaken baby syndrome .. baby finally fell asleep after eating , smiling in sleep , and being held for about an hour .