I just can’t catch a dang break.

I am disabled and finally got on SSI.

It’s taken me 4 years.

Finally, I have an income coming in.

My mom has been letting me use her car. I’ve taken care of it. Have had no problems with it. It’s only a few years old.

It’s December and I can finally get my family decent Christmas gifts this year.

Headlights on the passenger side went out.

Ok, I’ll call Monday and have it fixed.

Sunday, the other headlight went out.



The night after I got it back, the passenger headlight went out again. Wtf?

Another $30 to replace a melted part.

Ok, that’s fixed, and literally happened a week ago.

Get layers of clothes on due to my extreme cold intolerance, get in the car, and the freaking heat won’t turn on.

I know it’s not the end of the world, and things could be worse... but does something always have to go wrong EVERY FREAKING TIME I GO TO DO SOMETHING? I want to do a simple craft, god forbid someone put my stuff back where they found it.

You know? My father in law died, my 14 year old dog died, then my husband died, and I also brought a perfect baby boy into this world, all within 6 months. You think life would give me a little bit of a gd break. But no, it just keeps 💩💩💩💩 all over my life.

Right near Christmas.

If it weren’t for my son, I would have called it quits by now. I want my husband. 😭 I’m so sick of this.