I could do will some fellow suffers advice

Beth • Done with it all.

Hello im 18 from the uk, I've had really bad periods since I started them at 15 but honestly just thought it was a normal thing. Have been back and forth to the doctors and hospital. Have been diagnosed with appendicitis, pid and ibs previously but after treatment nothing has got better. I had a lap last June and nothing was seen (however my doc was a bit of a dick, he thinks I'm too young to worry about fertility).


Really bad periods that last about 5-7 days (so bad im bed bound) whi h are also crazy heavy

Ovulation pain (this is "itchy" and shooting pain either side)


Really bad pain when passing bowls

Occasional pain when having sex.

& 6 months of ttc without any success.

Honestly I don't know what to do I feel like my doctor doesn't care and thinks I'm making it up. Does anyone think this sounds like endometriosis? Xx