Please help!

Megan • 25, mummy to 3 beautiful kids..
Hi ladies, I'm 25 with 3 kids my last two took between 8-14 mths to conceive opking. Then I had a regular 26-28 day cycles and positive opks. After my 3rd child I decided to have iplanion which did not work for me, bleeding/spotting for 3 weeks with only a few days break so after 8 mths of that hoping it would subside I decided to have it removed. Switching to the mini pill which did exactly the same thing.... Frustrated as ever I came off that too and was told to try the injections every 3 mths, sounded ok to me so I gave it a go, I had two injections over 6 mths and the whole time nothing changed. By now my partner and I decide we want another child (9 months ago) so I never got my next scheduled injection. I expected to have messed up cycles for a while but it only seems to be getting worse. I've added pics below of what the last few mths have been like. During the time I'm bleeding it's usually heavy/moderate for most of the red days.. I've had blood test done and am going in for the results tomorrow scared shitless of the results. Does anybody have anything similar or heard of this who could give me some advice? Thanks xx