Help for a Friend Please Urgent!

Mary • Hi! I`m Mary. I have a BA in Psychology. Been dealing with PCOS for 22 years. I work at Sander’s Candy and Ice Cream Shop and trying to get my head around this COVID craziness!
As some of you may know my friend, Ember, is not only suffering untreated mental illness but also comes from an abusive household. It seems from reading some a comment on one of my older posts and it said that there may be a way around going about it alone. 
​It said that we could through my friend's IEP and contact her state bar to see if a lawyer could take her case. Would that work to get her out of her situation faster? I don't want her to jepordize her saftey from her crazy, abusive mother and her siblings. I'm fully aware that the last time Ember's situation was brought up to human services that her mother got a little more than a slap on the wrist. They sent her to jail for a week, which did little more than aggravate her to say the least.  
Anyone know what I can do to get my friend out of there?