Baby Nutribullet 💙


We got this Baby Nutribullet gifted to us and I’m obsessed. Definitely recommend to anyone who’s doing half BLW, half purées like I am. We were giving my son BeechNut purées for quick grab n go meals, but honestly he preferred Gerber so much more. However, when I heard about all of the metals/ toxins found in the jarred baby food I decided to put this little gadget to use.

I made:

-Green beans



-Pinto Beans &


The little containers that it comes with are ADORABLE! 🥰

They’re practical as well. The purée containers come with a dial, you select the date you made them so that you can keep track of their freshness. 👍 Then whatever extra you make you can pour into the silicon molds and freeze for later. They even have a setting that doesn’t purée but gives it more of a rough chop for BLW type feedings!