Venting session...

I literally can’t stop crying right now!

I’m 6 months pregnant with my first child, a baby girl. Me and her father have been together for 4 years. At the beginning of this month he was charged with a road rage incident from someone pressing charges against him. He needed extra money for a lawyer so I let him borrow from me, which he promised to give back. He had to turn himself in but his lawyer was able to get him out of jail the same day on personal bond awaiting a trial date.

He says he was working on giving me my money back and got my car fixed a few days ago but also got it impounded the same day! He claims one of his friends called him saying a car was following them and one of them was shot and when he went to the hospital in my car detectives took it for “evidence.” I contacted the detective the next day because I really need my car and it’s on hold pending an investigation lasting atleast a week, not including having to pay to get out of the impound. I was mad at him and didn’t talk to him for some time, he keeps saying everything isn’t his “fault”, when clearly nothing is my fault also! So how can he be upset at me for being upset with him?!

He then proceeds to ask me can he borrow 100 dollars until our rent and bills are due. I wasn’t planning on giving him the money, I just happen to look in my purse where I kept 140 dollars loose cash and when I looked in there it was only 60 dollars! He then says he doesn’t know how I continually “lose” or “misplace” my money and I told him I didn’t! I know exactly how much money I had in my purse and I couldn’t go anywhere to spend it due to my car being impounded! He tells me not to worry about the money and he is going to take care of it.

I later text him asking him is he going to pay the rent this month and he tells me he is going to try to pay as much as he can! Saying not to press him about bills right now! I told him it’s unfair for you to constantly spend my money and think I will still pay majority of the bills!

I’m just so hurt and stuck in a poor situation right now and I can’t stop myself from crying. He is literally ruining my life and our daughter isn’t even here yet!