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So we visited with some family in result, my son has picked up a horrible hitting problem when he gets mad. He got it from our niece who is never told no and quite frankly, she is a little bully. She bullies all the cousins and her baby siblings and her dad just lets it happen. Her mom tries but she doesn’t listen to the mom. I’m not one to criticize someone’s parenting (which is why I’m making this anonymous) but I just need help with getting my little one to stop. 🙃 He’s only hitting me, mainly when he’s tired or told no but for a little guy, he has an arm on him. I’ll tell him no and he will try and hit me harder. I have tried the slap on the hand and it doesn’t help either. I’ll put him in time out which helps but when he gets mad/ tired, he’s back to hitting me. I’m due late summer and I’m scared he’s going to rough with the new baby. He’s usually such a sweet little boy and this phase is driving me crazy.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Do you think that he will be over this in a couple weeks?