Help! Is my period really late?

Hi everyone, I had my Mirena removed July 10th. Had some spotting. Nothing major. Then had horrible AF July 18-20. Fast & furious!
​Then had horrible AF aug 5-7. And then again Labor Day weekend august 31-sept 2
​So cycle length was 16 days & then 24 days. So glow predicted a 20 day cycle so it said I should start period the 22nd. 
​Hubby & I did it every day during fertile window. 
​Anyways I took HPT on sept 19 because I've been feeling so tired & my stomach feels like I've done a million sit-ups!! But it was negative :(
​I took another on the 22nd& still negative. And still no AF. And still the extreme fatigue & weird stomach feeling! What do I do? Today is the 24th so if AF started today it would've been a 24 day cycle again