Holy hormones !!!!!

Brittany • Expecting our second April 2015 ?
I seriously an feel my blood boiling EVERYTHING is pissing me off .. Things that usually i could handle . Now I'm going off the deep end . First of all our house is my biggest issue right now . It's a two bed room one bath which was perfect when we moved in . It's an open floor plan and now I'm chasing after a 14 month old . I can't put up baby gates because of the set up . I know he's being a child , but there is only so many times I can clean up the trash that he constantly gets into . I've tried moving it . I've even sat it to where I thought he couldn't reach it ... (I was wrong) . My husband works weird hours and he's always tired when he gets home . He does help me , but the majority of things he helps with he complains because they Should already be done . He of course doesn't know what it's like to be pregnant and chase a toddler . I can't keep up with anything lately and I'm getting overwhelmed . I'm to the point when I think about cleaning id rather go get teeth pulled . It's never ending . I can't do it anymore , we are looking for a house but we can't find anything that suits us that wouldn't be a crazy drive for DH to work . We own land about an hour away but financially right now we can't build . I just feel like everything aroun home is falling apart and I'm simi held responsible for everything that isn't done because I'm a SAHM and my husband has this misconception that I never do anything . Here lately he's been right though , I've been sick and have no energy and what little energy I do have I use it to keep up with our little one !! Sorry for the rant , but I'm just annoyed .