Safe sleep?

Is it safe to attach my babys cot to my bed ? I don't have a next to me crib , he has a moses basket for now and then a cot for when he's bigger.

The problem is, he won't sleep in his moses basket. He's only 4 weeks so I'm not "training him" just yet. The only way we're both sleeping is him either laying on me or him laying next to me in my bed.

I know this isn't safe and I do not want to continue him being in my bed so rather than buying a next to me crib, I can position his cot up against my bed and "co sleep" that way right?

We both need to sleep safely but I give up and just snuggle him but I know its unsafe and I wake up feeling so guilty.

Plus its super hot here atm and I'm waking constantly cos I'm too hot with my SO one side and baby the other.

Or any other recommendations?

Thank you 😊