Need to vent out!!

In my head my marriage is falling apart. I feel like we are just not compatible with each other, i feel like he crosses so many boundaries that i had set for nobody to cross... some very hard limits. I feel like with time he is turning into my father who is not at all a bad man but he was a very strict father and it suffocated me. I feel suffocated with my husband too. He is an amazing man but I can’t help feel this way. He does not help me with my baby who is 3m old and constantly wakes up in his sleep. I am sleep deprived, I can’t complete my thesis and it’s due date is in a month. I really get annoyed with my mil and sil and feel like i need to stop meeting them once and for all. I am just so tired in this marriage. I don’t feel the same way about my husband as i used to before.. i am always angry with him.. he becomes very demanding at times.. he is a very good husband and father but i am not happy in the marriage anymore. Just want to vent out somewhere. If i tell this to anyone i know they will bash me for saying all this and say that i have a perfect marriage and a perfect life. I do but in my head nothing is perfect.