No one came to my Nursing graduation


Hey everyone, I’m 21 F and I’ve been in an accelerated nursing program since I graduated high school. It was really tough and it took lots of blood, sweat and tears to finally say that I am an RN graduate. To celebrate the school had a nurse pinning ceremony (this is usual when students graduate with a medical degree) and you were suppose to bring family members to come and celebrate and pin you. I live with my sister and her boyfriend and they were off that day so I told them a few days before. The day of, my sister and her boyfriend went Halloween shopping and my mother was at work (dad is not in the picture) so nobody came. I was the only person there that went alone and a teacher pinned me instead. Everyone was sweet to me at the ceremony but I’m feeling really upset about it and have been for a week. When my sister graduated medical school (radiology tech) they had a graduation party that I went to, had photos framed, the whole thing. Now it just feels like my family doesn’t really care and it’s been weighing on me