Is this acid reflux or something else?

Jessii • Canadian 🇨🇦 East Coaster 🔱 living on the prairies 🏔 Mommy to Wilhelm & Jānis 🧒🏼👶🏼 03.30.19 💍

My little guy is 3w 5d and he’s been doing something weird.

Every night for 4 nights in a row after his feeding between 2am and 5am, he starts making noise like he’s uncomfortable, then all of a sudden he practically throws up. It’s probably about 2-3 tablespoons worth and it’s just a mess.

I feed him, burp him a few time in between oz’s and lay him upright on my chest for about 20-30 minutes before I lay him back down.

Is this acid reflux? It’s the ONLY time it happens. It doesn’t happen any other time and It’s so weird to me.

My aunt suggested to let him sleep. She thinks he’s too full overnight and to just let him sleep and to let me know when he wants to feed. Last night and the night before I’ve tried it and so far he hasn’t thrown up, but I don’t sleep cause I’m 1. Stressed about him not eating and 2. Every sound he makes I’m awake seeing if it’s going to turn into a puke fest again.

But with him not throwing up, is that it? He’s just too full overnight? He still wakes to feed, it’s just not every 3 hours, but I’m still keeping him on a day schedule for every 2-3 hours