What do I do anymore


So ... My husband and I came into town for 4 days to visit our family since we recently moved and i had some family out of town come into our home town and wanted to meet our daughter for the first time ( whose 5 months old keep in mind for later) and I told him I’m making this visit based around my family members and he agreed and understood..

So We planned a month in advance and everything was going good an everything to plan. Well the second day here he starts feeling extremely sick and tired, we we’re at my little sisters swim meet at the time and so I drove him back to the house so he could rest and he then continues to full on yell at me and cause a whole fight about how I’m being completely selfish and our daughter can’t see his family because I’m making it all about mine, and I’m keeping him from his family. ( when I have told him he can go spend as much time with his family as he would like)

He then continued to bash me and be a complete asshole and say he hates my house and everything , and I told him his house isn’t my favorite either but I still go and spend time and domt complain even though hus mother likes to belittle me and critize everything I do and make jabs at everything I do. He left very angry and mad..

Well a couple hrs pass and he comes back over to my house for game night; and he starts feeling sick again so my parents an I tell him to go lay down and sleep. He finally goes up stairs and Takes a nap when he wakes up I take hus temp and it’s a 100.0 degree fever I gave him some Tylenol and he went back to bed..

well he woke up again for food I took it again and it was 101.3 and I was like okay we’re gonna go get you tested for covid

We go to the ER on base ( he’s active military so he can’t go to urgent care) and we’re there until almost 3am and hes complaining the whole time that he feels that he was forced that and that no one cares about it him. And kept going on and on. And the dr said he would call with the results .

Fast foward to this morning...

we wake up around 8:45am and he has a missed call from the drs and he calls them back and he says that he tested positive for covid.

So I had to let all my family know so we can take the correct steps in helping not spread it.

I tell him that he needs to wear a mask around everyone, and he says that’s not necessary because he doesn’t have it and it’s a false positive and Covid is fake.

( which is very insensitive to my family cause we recently lost my grandpa from it)

I tell him he can’t hold or be around our daughter to reduce the risk of her getting it. ( reminder she is 5 months old)

He then tells me that he can do what he wants and it’s his child and she won’t get sick because he doesn’t have it, it’s just a viral cold that will take its course. I proceeded to tell him no and I didn’t want her exposed anymore. And we live in Oklahoma and he has to go back to base and get checked out. I told him imma quarantine here and not stay in the same car or small apartment with him and our daughter.. He then goes into a full on fit and starts cussing me out and calling me selfish and stubborn and I hold our daughter hostage from his family and I’m not taking the extra days for her health but to stay away from him and get my way..

I got up and grabbed my daughter and left because he was just yelling and being extremely toxic and rude and I didn’t want my daughter around that and wasn’t gonna let him talk to me that way.

We haven’t talked since and I honestly don’t know what to do anymore