Boyfriend likes my best friend

So I’m currently pregnant and almost in my third trimester with my boyfriends kid. A couple months ago I had my best friend from high school spend time with us as I love spending time with both them and thought it’d be fun to finally all hangout together and have them finally meet. Plus he wants to meet all my friends for whatever reason. I didn’t think anything of it until after the first time we all hung out together. He obviously found her attractive and I could tell just by looking at him…. Staring at her :/ once the night was over and she was gone, I asked him if he liked her and he said she was cool. I then made it clear what I was actually asking and asked him if he found her attractive. He avoided the question saying he wasn’t willing to jeopardize anything that we had going currently, which answered my question but I wanted him to say it. I said that he didn’t answer my question and he said that he did find her beautiful which of course hurt (or maybe it upset my hormones idk) but I pushed it to the side and tried to ignore it because I do trust him. However it really bothers me how he asks her to come over all the time and randomly asks how she’s doing which I don’t think should matter to him plus he follows us around EVERYWHERE when she comes over and tries to include her whenever he feels it’s okay (like when we plan something together on one of his days off)

Last night she called me at 1am asking to come over (she was, of course, hammered) which I told her that she could as I didn’t mind and assumed my boyfriend would sleep on the couch (as he’s offered before when trying to get her to stay the night 😒) well she came over and of course his eyeballs were ALL over her ☹️ I kept telling him that he should really go to the living room and sleep since he had to work in the morning and it was getting to 3am. He refused and stayed in the room with us and we all slept in the king size bed. I was in the middle so I didn’t really mind but I was really upset when he woke up at 10:30 obviously exhausted, and insisting on coming out to the living room with me and my friend. I told him that he needed to go back to bed and take advantage of the time he has to sleep while he has it. I took her home at 11 and I found him fully dressed and coming out of the bedroom as I was getting ready to take her home. I didn’t say anything about any of it when I came home however I did snap a little when he got up at 10:30 saying not only that he needed more sleep but that it felt like the only reason he wanted to be in the living room was because that was where my friend was. He said “you caught me” right after I said that. I’m just so hurt. When I try to talk to him about how I feel and how things obviously are with him around her, he denies it which just upsets me more as I don’t understand why he does that. I don’t know what to do or how to feel and me being so crazy hormonal makes it hard not to freak out over all of this. We were all going to go to the coast this Tuesday but I decided that after last night that I’d be more comfortable keeping the two of them away from each other. Not that I cant trust my best friend either as she’s currently going to bars every night and getting shit faced and experimenting with different men so she preoccupied. I just hate how my boyfriend acts around her. It makes me feel completely invisible and unimportant which I do not need. I’ve spent almost all my life feeling that way so I’m not ready or willing to do it all over again. I’ve been debating on going to visit family for a day or so just to try and clear my head but idk it’s just so hard….. leaving him isn’t an option so don’t bother mentioning it and I’d really like to keep my only real friend.…. Thanks for listening to my rant 😭💔


FIRST He offered to sleep on the couch the first time he offered to have her stay the night so I assumed that that was how it was going to go that time

SECOND She was shit faced and passed out in our bed so like I said, I assumed he would be on the couch plus our toddler was already passed out on one of our couches as well so I didn’t really want my loud, drunk friend in my living room with my sleeping toddler.

THIRD He is not only the father of my current baby I’m carrying but has taken on the roll of my toddlers father figure as well. He treats me the way I want to be treated and both of our families adore each other so I’d rather not leave him over this

FOURTH I have mentioned to him how I felt and how I saw him acting around my best friend. He denied and ignored everything so I decided to stay with family like I was debating. He freaked out thinking that I was leaving him and we decided he would come out so we could actually talk about it and have him listen this time as he couldn’t even remember a shred of what I said the first time. We talked, he cried, and we decided that we were going to work together to try and fix things. He said that he didn’t realize he was acting like such a high school boy and he thought he was better at keeping himself in check. I told him that the first step to making things right would be to apologize to my friend (even though I’m pretty sure she ignored how he had been acting towards her this whole time) and we would work on it from there.

I’m not editing in anymore to help people understand the small details and thank you guys sooo much for assuming shit. We figured things out and the whole thing is in the past