Son starting kindergarten


I'm so worried about my son starting school. He will start next year, as he didn't make the age cut off this year (by 18 days šŸ™„šŸ™„šŸ™„). He isn't a bad child, but at the same time he isn't the best. He has a hard time picking up his own room, especially by himself, but he will pick up certain things if asked. He is so dependent on a tablet most of the time as well (I work overnights and sleep all day and my husband works a lot of day/ double shifts. Dont come at me) He also gets really frustrated when it comes to trying to do school work. I've tried to work with him on things they teach you in kindergarten where I am, but if he isn't getting it he get mad or upset and doesn't want to do it anymore. I'm also not a patient teacher, but I try not to get frustrated with him. I'm just so worried with how he will do in school. He is a shy kid too and doesn't even like confrontation when we've gone to the water park and kids have pushed him aside to cut in front of him in lines. He will just run away and won't want to even be in line anymore. Anyone have an experience like this and their child was fine at school?