So Nervous (Update)

My 7 month old was tested for COVID yesterday! I am still waiting for results as the testing labs are backed-up. The anxiety is so overwhelming. No one else in the family is experiencing any symptoms besides our 3 year old daughter and she just has a cough. He's been running a fever off and on since yesterday, runny nose, some solid poops, however some runny. He makes great eye contact, has been crawling around, will laugh and play, however, not back to his normal self. He's also nursing and eating solids like normal.

He tested negative for RSV...last week at daycare, they did have some kiddos out as well as a teacher with a stomach virus. I'm truly hoping it's just a virus and not COVID! Anyone else experience this with their infant?

(Update)- thank you ladies for the positive words and support!

We received the results today and they are Negative for COVID!Praise God!!