I feel so rejected

My 2 year old just got his tonsils removed. When he’s sick, he usually wants me so I figured it would be the same. He has wanted literally nothing to do with me since the moment he woke up from anesthesia. He’s wanted his dad with him 24/7, he won’t even let me read to him. His dad was sleeping with him, and we switched so he could go pee and get a break, and as soon as he woke up he started crying because he wanted his daddy.

I’m really just venting and getting it out, because I feel like a terrible mom and that he genuinely hates me. When it really matters, he wants his dad and not me, and it makes it worse that I have no idea why. I worked part time so I could take care of him 80% of the time until he was 18 months old, I’m the one who doesn’t use spanking as a punishment whereas my husband does. I always did 98% of the diaper changes, I breastfed him for 18 months, I understand that doesn’t mean a whole lot to him but it still hurts that I took care of everything and I’m the one who gets rejected. I’m absolutely hate the fact that he doesn’t feel well, so I’m happy that he’s finding comfort in someone, but it still hurts so unbelievably bad.