normal postpartum symptoms or something more serious ?

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to start off, i know none of y’all can diagnose me lol i just would like to know if this is normal or if i should make an appointment with my doctor and how soon i should make the appointment.

i’m 12wks postpartum and things have been pretty much textbook until about a week or so ago.

i cooked dinner and accidentally added too much salt. immediately after i started not to feel well. i blew it off as just my blood pressure going out of wack from the salt (i have naturally LOW bp and it was an issue throughout my pregnancy because of how often it’d make me faint.). but something hasn’t sat right with me since. i started craving sugar all the time, imagine the chocolate period craving times 100. it’s been insane and nothing i eat satisfies it, i’ve been pushing it off as a weird craving. i’ve also been so thirsty lately, i drink probably 96oz of water a day- i thought it was just because i pump feed.

the real issue is what happened today. randomly my right hand has started to feel pins and needles, especially in my fingers, it’s also moved to my left hand as well. it’s been lasting a good few hours so i told my husband who’s away for work until next month and he told me to look it up (big mistake), i’ve basically convinced myself i have diabetes..

i have more symptoms such as weight loss (i lost all of the baby weight + some within the first month, roughly 80lbs), i’m extremely tired and i don’t know if it’s because i’m home alone with a 7yr old and a 3month old, headaches, and my vision has started to irritate me so much i’ve started to have to wear my glasses again.

does this sound serious ? because most of these except for the hand numbness i feel like could be explained with being postpartum. i want to make an appointment but i’d prefer if i could wait for my husband to come home so he could watch the baby as my doctor is a few hours away


i called the nurse advice line to try to ease my anxiety, yeah no, it made it worse. basically, i had to make an appointment for tomorrow asap. the nurse was like “why didn’t you call sooner ????” like 🧍‍♀️ idk i got scared y’all would tell me something was wrong w me lol