I hate everything


This is my little rant. My boyfriend is forming at college. I have no problem with this to begin with. I’m just going to miss the hell out of this man. So today he moved in and I’m hella emotional. When we got al of his stuff in the car I started crying because he’s really leaving. We set him up and I head home. We usually call every night to help me sleep. I have PTSD and therefore I wake up with night terrors a lot. I don’t sleep well so he’s there to remind me that I’ll be okay. He just moved in with a roommate and we won’t be able to do that anymore. Or call me in general when I’m on my break at work or when we play video games together. And that’s a big change to just hop into. He gave me some sweatshirts and everything which I love that he thought about it. I walk back in tonight after walking him out and both of us were crying and my parents yell at me telling me how weak I am. And telling me that I’m not allowed to cry in this house over something so stupid. I feel so hurt by the fact I can’t even cry in my own house. And my room isn’t “mine”. It’s just hers that she’s letting me stay in. And that’s frustrating on its own. Just ugh.