It’s not a race….

I have a sweet friend with a baby a few months younger than my baby and she is constantly trying to show me that her baby can do stuff which I am happy to celebrate with her…until it becomes “I promise they can do it! They do it all the time!!” Or asking when my baby did stuff to see if her’s is “keeping up” with mine. I have to tell her all the time it doesn’t matter! As long as they are happy, healthy, and doc says they are good, who cares! Ladies, it’s not a race or a contest. They all figure it out eventually at their own pace whether fast or slow. Be happy with all the milestones! Celebrate! But if you hear yourself saying “oh, well my baby did that at x months sooner” to another mom….just stop right there. All babies are special, wonderful, smart, and amazing. Don’t compare, just love and enjoy♥️