Anyone with a DH that's not quite on board?

I'm about 27.5 weeks, and my DH has taken no interest in preparing for the baby or supporting me throughout this pregnancy. I really thought he'd step up, but he hasn't at all. I've tried talking to him, having him read pregnancy books, giving him lists of things that need to be done, but he isn't taking the hint. He just says he "doesn't know why" he doesn't do things for the baby or me. This was a planned pregnancy, and I've told him several times that if he doesn't want this, I'll give him an out (I'd rather be on my own with a baby than with someone who resents our situation), but he says he wants this. Just yesterday, I dropped some food on the middle of the floor and asked if he could clean it up since I'm having trouble bending down. He said yes and just left it there. Then he yelled at me when I cleaned it up saying he would get around to it (I was cleaning the kitchen and it was in the way). Then later, he laughed at me when I asked for help getting off our (old, sunken) couch because I was stuck and he didn't help me. He's done nothing with the nursery, and we even ended up not painting it because he didn't feel like painting. I'm getting very resentful, and my feelings are very hurt. I don't feel like he's being a good husband, and it makes me worry about what kind of dad he will be. Any advice?