Not convinced by condoms

Hi! So I recently started having sex and I'm the most paranoid about getting pregant, women in my family are SUPER fertile, the first two times we used condoms and I made sure he pulled out before he came to lower the risk even more, I was nervous for weeks and my period came so : ) the third time I had sex I made the guy do the same thing but it was the last day of my period ? I did not bleed after losing my virginity but I did this time...anyway a few days later I had sex twice more with condoms and then I got a UTI... I just am super nervous I might be pregant/ I'm a very anxious person in general, I went through all of college not having sex for that reason, etc thoughts on how to not be so paranoid ? I know people get pregnant while on condone and birth control.. Ahh at this rate I'm just nervously waiting till the second week of October for my period and the I'll be celibate? Ack.