Toddler painful pooping help!


My 2.5 year old has had some painful poops today. He will be totally fine and then blast a shart and cry “owie poop!” And want me to change it right away. It’s only a little bit and it’s horribly smelly and wet and kind of orange colored.

He had this happen once earlier today and then we left the house for hours to see some live music and he was fine. Then we came home and he had it three more times! It’s like it hurts his butthole more than anything. At first I thought it was maybe spicy butthole because he had some jambalaya yesterday but it has happened several times now today, and he’s had jambalaya before no problems.

Please tell me he isn’t sick! I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I don’t want a stomach bug right now 😫 he seems to have a fine appetite and everything, it’s literally only when he’s actively pooping that it makes him upset.