Getting so anxious!! :)

Emily • Married. 5 year old son. 2 year old daughter. Pregnant with our last.
Af is due today...I've had various symptoms since I ovulated on the 13th. SUPER strong sense of smell, lower belly cramps, high soft cervix, no appetite. To add to that, I woke up this morning and my boobs are sooo swollen and tender right by my arm pits? Especially my right one! I never ever get sore boobs before af. I've been testing like a maniac since like 6dpo (call me crazy I know lol) and all bfn...but I could SWEAR I saw a faint line today. I'm not going to read into it too much. I'll just keep testing. But just wanting to know if this sounds promising? Has anyone ever just woken up with swollen, heavy feeling breasts? Lol any of this similar before a bfp? :)