BFP!!! So nervous ??

Nikki • I have a wonderful 10 yr old daughter and a womder 1 month old lil girl
Hello everyone I just got my BFP 9-27-14 I am so nervous bc I just had and EP in July which went unnoticed for 3 months the doctor told me he never saw a baby and that I had a missed miscarriage and that I needed and D&C to get rid of what my body hadn't released but come to find out 2 months after the D&C I became Ill and went to the doctor and found out I was still pregnant with a live lil boy growing in my tubes so I had emergency surgery to remove the baby and tube so after all that I started birth control in JULY 2014 and i havnt seen my period for September which was supppose to come on the 8th so I decided to test and it was postive I think? I'm so nervous about this praying everything goes well this time around