Anyone gotten pregnant while on birth control?

This is going to probably sound strange. My husband and I would love children, but we haven't talked about fully trying yet as were trying to work through some financial stuff, but we both agreed if it happened we would be thrilled! sometimes I forget a day or two of my pill and it's just not a big deal, because we'd be happy if it just "happened". Normally it takes 3 or 4 pills missed to start up bleeding, but this time I only missed 2 and took one pill the following night but the next day I started spotting pinkish brown. No cramps. Doesn't feel like a period at all! It's always on my mind as a possibility! But I think I'm just too optimistic. I just finished my "fertile week" according to glow, and my period was the week before. Other than the pill we don't use protection, and we have sex probably 4-5 times a week. I know it's too early for the recent missed pills, I'm just wondering if it's a possibility or if anyone else has or is going through this as well??