OPK help

I just recently started using O tests to help pinpoint ovulation. I haven't received a positive yet but I just entered my FW yesterday. However, I had some questions I was wondering if y'all could help me out with? 
​I drink a ton of water. Like, a TON. Anywhere from 90 to 134 oz a day (depending on if I work out that day or not). Can this affect the tests ability to detect my LH surge? 
​Also, my test instructions say the urine needs to be at room temp when tested. Obviously it isn't at room temp when I first pee in the cup. Does that mean I need to let it sit for a little while prior to testing to let it get to room temp? Can the temperature affect the results?
​Lastly, I've read on here that a lot of you test twice a day to make sure you don't miss your surge. My question is, if DH and I are BD'ing regularly during my FW (at least every other day) will this matter? If the LH is there shouldn't it show up on the day I test or should I test more than once a day? I have been testing around 4 p.m. since CD10. 
​Thanks ladies!