Being honest... Rant

Okay, so before my DH and I could get married we had to do NFP classes. Therefore I BBT for months, but never really had a peak/ and routine... The lady stated you don't ovulate! I was crushed. Since that lady (3 years ago) I have always thought I won't be able to get pregnant! I also had some other NON medical people state this to me too. Now that I'm trying I been optimistic by ONLY knowning I have reg. cycles and been off BC for 5 years! Ok so now first month didn't work so I trying to track it with app, opk, and so far two days of temp. Once I did my temp I became extremely emotional/depressed. I have now been negative and super sad:-( it hit me when yesterday cd 24 my temp was 98.7 and then today 97.7. It brought all the feelings of what people said about me not able to get preg.... I know I'm rambling but I just didn't have anyone to talk to. How do I get back to my happy positive self?