Has anyone had a period AND been pregnant?

Nikki • Pregnant 💚
I had peak ovulation readings (ClearBlue) on 25&26 January and had sex at all the right times. From the   2nd of January I've had persistent stomach aches, nausea, headaches and fatigue and developed gripping chest pains. Got my period from 9-12 Feb but symptoms persisted so I finally went to the doctor yesterday to get checked out and it turns out my blood tests showed I am/was pregnant. My period was light but very crampy for the first day and I'm still spotting lightly. Sounds like it might have been an unviable pregnancy but I have to go back next week to test my bloods again and see if my count has gone up (currently 34). Has anyone been in this position with a good outcome? I'm trying to be positive without getting my hopes up but am happy that my hubby and I have been able to at least conceive at because we've been trying for 6 months. FX