Possible TMI... "Strange" cervix position/feel

Ok. So I've been tracking cervical position for probably 2 months. The last few months, after I ovulate, my cervix has gotten harder and dropped lower. 
I ovulated 2/7, and my cervix is still higher than normal, soft, and feels almost swollen. It's kind of... Puffy, I guess is all I can think of to describe it. And feels almost spongy.  I had egg white and watery mucus for much longer than usual as well, though it seems to be tapering off today finally. 
 I have never had discomfort checking before, but am having a bit now when I check.  And we bd yesterday and it was uncomfortable for the first time ever. 
​Anyone had this happen before, or know anything about it? Just such an odd thing for my body. Not sure what to make of it.