Bloating and Pelvic pressure

Hello, I'm Heather and my DH and I are TTC baby #1. I'm 7 dpo, I'm having headaches everyday, exhausted to the point I have to make myself get out of bed. Got dizzy this afternoon when I stood up to fast, my vision went blurry. Also I'm super bloated to the point I look months pregnant, my pants feel so tight. I'm having cramping and what feels like pressure in my lower abdomen. It hurts to lean on or lay on my stomach. It even hurts to pick my legs up. Just feels super uncomfortable. My bbs are super swollen and tender. They even are sore on the sides by my arm pits. Anyone else have these symptoms? I'm not sure if it's just AF coming or not. The only symptom I usually get is sore bbs. But not like this. I'm hoping this is it. This is our 4th month TTC! But trying not to get my hopes up. AF due the 16th. Plus we had chicken for dinner tonight and it tasted so blah to me. I usually love chicken.