Disappointed Rant :(

I have been trying to figure out my cycle and it really doesn't cooperate very well, so all I do is guess all the time. Really thought I was pregnant this time. I'm on cycle day 32 already and thought it was safe to test cause some other cycles were 27 or 28 days.  I have been feeling different lately. Very hungry and nauseous when I wake up but I will not throw up. I will not puke. I hate it I always find a way to prevent it. I've been having stomach aches that are lower not really aches just funny feeling like presses/bloating and it's sensitive to lay on. Tmi but I've been so gassy too. And last symtom is sore nipples. I have never had this before so I really thought this was the one. Honestly idk what I'd do if I ever got a positive. I try to be positive well me and my DH but the positive attitude doesn't even help us. It's just really frustrating and I needed a rant. I will feel better once my period comes and I can try all over again. Try try and try again. Month after month. Anyone else get kinda sick of it? Feel like why? Isn't that what were here forbid to reproduce? Well back in the day. They all got pregnant and didn't have to chart and keep track. It's like when you have unprotected sex like all the time. For like over a year, how do you not fall pregnant? It just hurts me month after month like I'm a failure. Ik I'm not suppose to feel that way but it's hard not to after another negative. Just makes me think I'm going crazy. And what will mybDH think when I say it was a no when I really thought I was? I know he won't judge me but still. I made myself look like I'm making my symtoms up. Being a woman is hard :(
​Rant over.