No period! And BFN!

Im so frustrared! I am currently 3 days late And have still not gotten a BFP. Ive never been this late on my period. Normally my cycle Is 28,29 or 30 days. Ive been tracking for the past 5 months and I have never gone past a 30 day cycle. This was the first month I ever tried OPKs and never got a positive O during my fertile week (I used fmu). So I have no idea if I ovulated or not, aside from the fact that I had a lot cm one day during my fertile week. I made sure DH and I BD'd that day and the following days. I haven't had any PMS symptoms which isn't normal for me. I just needed to vent because I hate being in limbo, I just need AF to show up if it's gonna show or get a BFP is that too much to ask for? ??