17 dpo & bfn :( baby#1

Sylvia • 23 & ttc#1 with my husband

So AF supposed of been here few days ago I'm 2 days late & bfn. No sign of AF. I have a lot pregnant symptoms nipples sore nausea left side cramps I'm moody dizzy spells and light headed. I pee a lot & I been having hot flashes & hiccups & burping + baby dreams. My cycle day is 32 or 33 right know. I'm so confused I know these symptoms are very hopeful but when am I going to get my bfp? My Dr told me to wait a week then she will do a blood test because she thinks I'm in the % if women with bfn but they are really pregnant. So I'm trying to stay hopeful & + about it.

Any similar stories out there? Or opinions I show need advice & other women experiences. I just really feel alone.