Early ovulation?

Tray • 35, Due with DD 7/20/18, DS 11/30/16, multiple MCs and CPs prior.
Hello!  I recently got off BC pill and had a "period" from September 2nd to the 8th.  On September 11th and 12th (CD 10 and 11), I had EWCM and an incredibly high sex drive.  I only started OPKs on September 15th and have yet to hit an LH surge.  Could I have ovulated early since being off the BC?  Is that bad?  I've read that early ovulation after getting off the pill can be detrimental because your uterine lining may be too thin.  Anyone out there have experience with this?  DH and I are TTC baby # 1.  I am 31 and he is 33.