Low testosterone and BD

My dh found out last month that he has low testosterone which also was our first month ttc. Dr put him on clomid about 10-14 days ago. He refuses to go have his sperm count tested so no clue if that is low too. This is our 2nd month trying. We bd'ed on CD 11, 12 and 14. CD 14 was yesterday when I also had positive opk. He had a really hard time keeping an erection yesterday and said when he finally finished he wasn't sure that he ejaculated. I feel so frustrated cause I know I ovulated and it was our best shot this month, but I know he feels 100 times worst. I want to be supportive but am really struggling. We are both on the older side (I'm 37 and he is 38) so I am really starting to feel my biological clock tick. This is both of our first time ttc, no previous kids. Any advice? I just really need some emotional support right now.