At a Loss...

Sabrina • 💕🥰In love with my best friend🥰💕
I posted earlier about my feelings of thinking about "hooking up"
​After talking to a good friend of mine have though it through and figured why would I want to ever do that?
​We have our problems... He is so good to me in so many ways, but others not so much. Like, he doesn'y have a job (but trying to get one), hasn't completed highschool (but now trying after beig out for almost 2 years). He says he will be a better guy and so on but it is taking him forever to grow up! A year ago he cheated, I didn't find out until April. Since he admitted it, he has been better mentally, we fight less. I trust him but now I feel like I am not good enough! He promised to never do it again, and so far he has not given me any reasons to believe that he is doing it again.
​I feel that maybe because he did cheat, that is why I am feeling this way? I love him very much, and I have tried my best to get over the fact he cheated and stuff. Like I said, there is so much about him that I love but at the same time... There is some things that frustrate the hell out of me! We have taken a break before but I didn't take that well, neither did he... I can't be without him. I just don't know how to go about it! 
​Are my thoughts because I still feel upset that he cheated, or because I really don't love him?