New to the group :)

wishing&hoping • Not your bee`s wax

Hey all! So excited to get back into working out again! I miss it so :)

Background info.

My hubs and I use to work out every weekday and I loved it! We decided we wanted to TTC but my drs said I needed to gain weight. So I stopped working out and tried/began to gain weight... Well now going on 7months TTC and no luck getting pregnant and I feel like crap because I've gained so much more then I'm used to having. I no longer fit into my clothes and me being bigger is obviously not helping me get pregnant or my overall health. And I'm sick of feeling like crud Lol

So end story we are taking a break from trying to TTC and I'm going to get back in shape and if pregnancy happens it happens :) drs refuse to help me any more then the tip of gaining weight/body fat til we've been TTC for a year with no luck anyway.

Looking forward to being apart of this group :)