Bodypump in pregnancy with history of miscarriage


Hi all, I have a history of 2 natural miscarriages, the first at 5 weeks and the second at 7 weeks. I'm now two weeks on from my second miscarriage and hoping to start TTC again soon (just need to convince my husband as he was really worried about me this time).Anyway, thinking hopefully I will be TTC in the next few weeks. Im no fitness freak but I do enjoy going to bodycombat and bodypump classes every week, with a couple of swims too. I am keen to keep exercising through pregnancy as much as I can.The problem is, the bleed that marked the beginning of my last miscarriage happened in a bodypump class. At the time I thought I'd just overdone it, as did my GP, but sadly I went on to miscarry. The official literature says bodypump is safe with minor modifications (which I had followed in my last pregnancy), my midwife also said it is safe to continue doing any exercise I did before becoming pregnant. I really want to carry on doing bodypump, but I'm terrified about the prospect of another miscarriage. What do you ladies think I should do if (when?!) I fall pregnant again? Do you think I need to be more cautious as I've had two miscarriages, or can I behave like any other pregnant woman and carry on with the class?Sorry for rambling!Jenny x