Anyone experience this, with positive outcomes

Gabrielle • Married SAHM of a 3 year old DD. Rainbow is due in November 💖

I've been posting for a while, AF was due 10/15 I haven't tested...yet. Waiting to see if anything changes like the ugly witch showing up. I'm usually like clockwork 27-28 day cycles, sometimes I'm late for unexplained reasons. DH and I really tried and didn't wing it this month, we've been trying for baby #2 for a year. This time is totally different, I had pink mucus at 12dpo, which would be considered implantation. The pink CM stopped after one wipe Monday morning, I had it again in the morning at 13dpo after one wipe it was gone. We BD all our fertile days aimed also one day before, on ovulation, and after. I'm not sure what my chances are? I'm a healthy 26 yr old my hubby is 31.

Then it gets stranger, at 15dpo at like 7pm at night I get what feels like menstrual cramping it lasted about 2 minutes. 16 [days past ovulation] last night around 8pm AGAIN ...more mild cramping; and it woke me up at 3am... then totally disappeared as fast as it came. I'm not sure if it's constipation or menstrual lol, bc both feel the same. Even after cramping those two nights I still don't have AF. Now this is very odd....

What are your thoughts everybody? I'd be about 4 weeks if I were pregnant, is cramping at night a common thing? I didn't have this before missing AF because cramps mean right after the flow is to start. I've also never had this with baby #1 DD.

Ugghhh, waiting till Monday hubs wants me to wait, but I'd like some insight???